Impacts of Digitalized Automotive CRM software solution

Driving enhanced customer success and accelerating productivity are two most important goals of any successful industries around the globe.

Automotive industries were facing serious challenges just before the 4th industrial revolution, i,e., just before CRM gained momentum. CRM or customer relationship management software helps automotive industries engage with prospects and customers like never before.

Using automotive CRM platforms, industries can make the entire “Buying process” a delightful customer journey, something that each customer enjoys. . The automotive customer relationship management software is a cluster of applications that incorporates various aspects of automotive business processes – including sales, marketing, customer service, and Post sales support – into a separate platform.

Most automotive CRM applications integrate with subsisting dealer management systems (DMS) to remove duplications in process and procedures.

Benefits of Automotive CRM solution

Automotive CRM helps the business with lead management, marketing, sales, deal management, and more. Let’s see some seamless benefits of the automotive CRM software tool.

Keep leads and contacts organized.

Almost every business has created an omni channel presence that helps reach out to a wide range of customers or audiences. Thus, car dealer agencies get valuable leads from several platforms, including website forms, social media channels, third-party lead providers, lead aggregators, online and offline ads, and more.  

An automotive CRM tool stores all customer data in one central place. The CRM software also helps agencies understand which platform generates the best quality leads.

Marketing Management

The automotive CRM application assists industries to run personalized, targeted marketing campaigns across different channels. It segments customers based on some critical factors, including customer profile, buying behaviour, demographics, Loyalty, Previous buying history, and others.    

Car dealers can run smart email campaigns to targeted groups there by generating more valuable leads.  With automotive CRM software, car dealer agencies can also automate follow-up greetings to manage the post-sale customer support, there by maintaining a healthy relatioship.  

A well-organized CRM tool produces some real-time insights about closed deals, lost deals, customer query response rates, email marketing campaign results, and more.

Helps with deal management

The automotive CRM software solution ensures that industries can leverage each touchpoint during the sales process.

With automotive CRM tools, car dealers or the automobile industries can create a standardized workflow that progress leads through the sales pipeline. This tool simply automates and streamlines the entire workflow process to increase the productivity of sales teams.

This can also be called guided selling – where the salesman is given an automated guidance to selling process added with information about the prospect – making it an intelligent selling mechanism

Most automotive CRM tools integrate with other third-party tools, which helps sales representatives spend only lesser time on manual activities, including data entry, customer calling, data retrieval, and more.

Build a clear line of communication

An automotive CRM tool can store and document every interaction that the industry has with prospects or leads from various sources in a easily accessible format and location. That includes calls, messages, emails, or direct walk-in – the industry can keep every single conversation in one centralized system.

Seamless automotive CRM software helps in assigning leads to sales representatives with the automated delegation and monitoring features. It simply ensures that every member of the sales team is on the same boat when interacting with a prospect or lead.

Unified view

With the automotive CRM tool, industries can track complete customer’s journey and get a unified 360-degree view of activities of engaged prospects.

Inventory Management

An automotive CRM solution can offer inventory management that allows car dealership agencies to keep track of their vehicle stocks.  The CRM system and inventory management integration helps in maximizing the sales prospect. The entire inventory is available for every salesman, helping them provide more choices for the customers.

Maintains compliance

The role of sales representatives is making calls to leads and working on nurturing and converting leads into a customer.

In recent times Privacy Acts have been enacted in most developed countries regulating unwanted communication to customers – Retailers are forced to adhere to these legislations and often are reprimanded for non-compliance. An Integrated Intelligent CRM system ensures compliance to such legislations there by providing peace of mind to Businesses.


automotive CRM is now a part of the Automotive selling process. Automotive manufacturers are constantly innovating in this space and expecting Dealers to follow them in this 4th Industrial revolution of Platform-based integrated approach.


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