Features of appRetail.io lead management tool

Manage everything

Takes complete control over industrial, automotive, mechanical, and any other retail/sales businesses. Our appRetail.io acts as the backbone of a sales operation. This intelligent car dealership management software helps businesses to increase their productivity.

Document management
Endpoint Protection


Integration is a big feature takes part in appRetail.io. Ability to connect seamlessly with ERP platforms so that users can get data from anywhere within the organization’s set up.

Reduce data capture time

You can extract any data from associated systems without any delay. The appRetail.io works faster and to reduce data capture time tool.

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Personality Verification

Maximized security

Customer data and business data will be secured. The appRetail.io is giving priority to maximized security.

Automatic task assigning

Users can assign tasks to sales reps. Able to track activities of sales reps. This will ensure the increased productivity.

Paper checklist

Smart Tracking

The appRetail.io lead management solution helps you connect with customers, enables their data-driven decision-making operation and empowers your business with full control over the customer journey. This auto sales software tracks every step of the customer's road to sale.

fit for all industries

appRetail.io is a complete workforce management solution for retail, which is suitable for all sizes of business. 


appRetail.io comes ready with out of the box integrations to popular applications that are used for sales and marketing.
These integrations are fully managed and comes at a low monthly subscription and no development cost – making appRetail.io a unified platform to manage your road to sales.
Integrations are enabled through applicationsgateway.io


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