Features of New Automotive Retail Management System in 2022

No matter how big or small a brand is, enterprises need satisfied customers to keep the business standing tall. The automotive industry is a highly competitive and ruthless.

Generating quality prospects consistently is one of the keys to success when running an automotive agency. The need to have an intelligent and smart automotive retail management platform is essential to manage the prospects and convert them into long standing customers. .

The appRetail.io is one of the cost effective and top of the line lead management platform designed specifically for the automotive industry. Every automotive business has the challenge to convert prospects or leads into valuable customers as quickly as possible. This tool is designed to track, capture, and convert prospects into ready-to-sales positions. Every Automotive agency is different in the way they do business. The appRetail.io is designed to be customized to the requirements of each and every type of business.

Features of Automotive Retail Lead Management Solution

  • Automated lead captures
  • Lead prioritization
  • Lead distribution
  • Integration
  • Lead Scoring
  • Reporting and Tracking


Automated Lead Capture

The appRetail.io lead management tool captures the data of prospects and leads from different touchpoints and sources leaving no gaps for lead drops. Automotive dealerships have full visibility of leads from all stages of the sales funnel. Real time lead capture is the highlight of appRetail.io

Lead Prioritizations

One of the best features of the appRetail.io lead management tool is the prioritization of leads. It helps automotive industries to know what types of leads they have, the source of leads, where they are in the sales funnels, and other details of leads. This helps the business in faster deal closures.

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Lead Reporting and Tracking

Lead management tool helps generate complete sales reports whereby automotive dealerships can get a smart view of how their sales funnel is shaping up, helping the business forecast sales. Facility helps to track each member of the sales team and their activities.

Lead distribution

The appRetail.io tool also helps delegate a task to all the departments of the business. The tool comes with an in-built business process designer that helps the business define how the leads are to be distributed ot the sales teams. This process designer helps in defining rules that would govern efficient handling of the leads. This lead management tool comes with an amazing user interface where the sales team can monitor the activities of all the staff members.


Lead management tool connects data of prospects or leads from anywhere, any format, and any protocol. It’s always open to connecting with other third-party tools. In which, automotive industries will increase sales productivity. Open integration is one of the key benefits of the appRetail.io tool.

Lead Scoring

Not every lead gets converted into a customer. With appRetail.io, the business can have a higher conversion rate by utilizing the various tools to manage the prospects. Lead Scoring helps in putting the right lead or prospect in front of the sales people to focus on – ensuring high rates of success.


Communication is a key to successful prospect conversion. Timely communication helps in retaining the customer interest and reliability of service. appRetail.io has inbuilt communication toolset that allows salesman to communicate to leads and opportunities through email, sms or chat. It also ensures better communication between the marketing teams or sales teams and leads or prospects.

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